Q: Why do you offer a free track consultation, when most companies charge for it?

A: Many people who are new to music production think of mastering as some kind of Prince Charming that will swoop in, make that guitar vibrato more soulful, give the track the punch and clarity of the greatest record of all time.  Also some people think mastering will make their vocals melt the hearts of adoring fans, adding clarity and power.  In other words, there is a myth that mastering “turns off the suck button”.

The truth is that mastering can do a lot for your project!  It can make it shine and stand up in its genre, and have power and do wonderful things!  But….it usually won’t bring something to the track that isn’t there already. Recording Revolution posted an article about this. It’s better to “face the music” and get a mix sounding great first. We are happy to provide a consultation for free to aid in the process of making your tracks sound AMAZING!