Who Are We?

All Real Sound is Michael Durek and Philippe Gerber, who provide premium Audio Mastering, Scoring, Sound Design, and Loops. Their goal is to provide high quality, professional audio services for people in a way that respects, compliments, and enhances their vision. They are fanatical about detail, but work very efficiently. In short, All Real Sound is for people who don’t have a lot of time to waste.

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Michael Durek is a multi-instrumentalist, sound designer, composer, and producer. He creates and performs electronic music as The Use, and also with the groups Pas Musique, George Sand, and collaborates with Rachel Mason, and many others. He is completely obsessed with sound.

His sound design work has been commissioned by artist Laura Mylott Manning in her work, “Cut, Crumble, Grind” and he has done scoring, foley, and sound design for Rachel Mason’s full length feature film “The Lives of Hamilton Fish”, which won best film of the New England Underground film fest, and was featured in The New York Times. He scored Rich D’s Patrol, which won numerous festival awards, and Other Peeps Episode 5, created by Candace Thompson and John Pizza.  He has also scored films for the documentaries of John Dunstan, and also Jim Tuite, and many others.  Durek is obsessed with sound, and specializes in selecting modern textures and beat-making, but also acoustic minimal textures when that is needed.

His tracks have been licensed/used by Monster Energy, Subaqueous, Rachel Mason, and more.

Durek’s theremin playing has led him to play the US premiere the work “Icarus” with the Rutgers Symphony Orchestra in Spring 2013, written by composer Lera Auerbach.  He also performed at the 2012 Queens Museum Biennial in Rachel Mason’s “Dear Unisphere” work, an In January 2014, to perform at the Upvan Arts Festival in Thane, a suburb of Mumbai India, which drew over 250,000 people for the 40 artists over three days.

Since 2010, Durek has performed in seven countries and at some notable festivals including Upvan Arts in Thane, India (2014), CoCArt festival at the Centre of Contemporary Art in Torun Poland (Pas Musique), Avant Garde festival in Germany (Pas Musique), and Kunstzwerg festival in Zweibrucken , Germany (SK Orchestra and Pas Musique), and has toured across the West Coast USA, Canada, and the east coast as The Use.  He actively performs in the NYC and NJ area, and has played at many venues including Harvestworks, Flux Factory, Cameo Gallery,  Central Booking, The Tank, Monkey Town, Public Assembly, Madame Claude, and Surreal Estate, Muchmore’s, Bizarre, and Spectrum.


 Dr Philippe Gerber is a French musician/artist/producer/mastering engineer who has recently moved with his wife and two kids to Philadelphia, PA. Passionate about music from the age of 7, Philippe has played live shows most of his life, has 25 years experience in studio and live recording, and he’s the head of the US label Alrealon Musique since its start in 2008.
For the last decade, Philippe has been focusing on his own projects. Heat From a DeadStar (London, UK – 2003 to 2009) was known for its explosive live performances. ‘Seven Rays of The Sun’ by Heat From a DeadStar was recorded in 2008 by legendary producer Rick Harte (Ace of Hearts Records, Boston) at the famous Steve Albini’s studio Electrical Audio in Chicago, with the help of Shellac’s Bob Weston. This album has been described as “abrasive, catchy, post-Wire post-punk” and “a Burma-esque adrenalin rush of banging drums, rumble bass and slashing guitars” (Big Take Over Magazine, USA). After Heat From a DeadStar disbanded in 2009, Philippe worked mainly on his solo project JOHN 3:16‘Visions of The Hereafter’ (Alrealon Musique, 2012) is a critically acclaimed album, pictured as “a  beautiful and moving experience” (Sludge Factory, Australia) and “a successful debut coming out of the hands of a creative and genius musician” (Side-Line Magazine, Belgium).

Philippe has also a PhD in Materials Science, a post-doctoral study in Nuclear Physics, and is a Karate champion, a personal trainer and a self-trained mastering engineer.

(photo by by Carl Roccia / ISO Photography)